We are constantly learning in the ever changing world of the private rental sector. So many changes have taken place in the last few years with more to come since the Governments levelling up directive was announced.  Perhaps the most significant is the Renters Reform Bill & the subsequent  publication of the white paper in June 2022 pertaining to the planned abolishment of section 21 notices.  Changes are coming for sure, we so not know the exact timelines but we expect it will be at some point in 2023.

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As Covid restrictions are lifted in line with the roadmap out of lockdown and we can see a glimpse of normality on the horizon, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government  have today announced that all notices currently requiring 6 months will be reduced to four months as of 1st June 2021.  Bailiff enforced evictions will also be permitted again from 31st May 2021. 

Read the full story & more information by clicking on the image below  or by clicking this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/support-for-renters-continues-with-longer-notice-periods

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Tenants in arrears are now entitled to apply for "breathing space" meaning that Landlords and Agents will not be able to talk to Tenants who have qualified for breathing space about paying their rent arrears.

New Debt breathing space regulations comes into force on 4th May 2021 and if a Tenant in arrears qualifies, they can receive 8 weeks breathing space from creditors (including Landlords) & they will be given time to restructure and work through their debts with a debt advisor. Click on the image below to read about the new legislation in more detail

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From 1st July 2020 ALL new tenancies must have an electrical safety check completed by a qualified electrician.  All existing tenancies ( already let properties in a fixed term tenancy must be tested before any new fixed term tenancy is issued and and those running on a periodic basis must comply by April 2021).

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Our office will be open from 1st June 2020, but we are still very conscious of the danger presented by Covid-19. Visits to our office will be by appointment only as some members of Staff are still working from home and we cannot guarantee the office will be staffed at all times.   Please only make an appointment to come to the office if your enquiry can't be dealt with on the telephone or by email. We have strict policies in place to enable us to adhere to social distancing regulations and we will only be allowing two people at a time to come in. 

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